WF300 21×14 40 ft. boom

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WF300 21×14 40 ft. boom


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Recommended for quiet locations.  Preferred antenna for 160 meters and up.

System Features:

  • 160 thru 30 meter receive    
  • Boom is 40 ft. and the two loops are 26 x 12 ft. each
  • Wind load approximately 8 sq. ft.
  • RDF is 11.5 dB
  • Vertical signal null up to -50 dB
  • Isolation between bands up to -70 dB on 160-80-40 meters
  • Transmit / receive isolation switch has -100 dB isolation on 160m
  • Remote control ready using standard GPIO lines with interlock
  • Exciter switching up to 200 watts

Additional Information:

  • Easy to install on the tower
  • 50 ohm quality feed line with N connectors required if lines are to be extended
  • Low interaction with HF yagis on the same mast
  • Recommended for quiet locations and mounting at least 90 ft. above ground for 160m (45 ft. minimum for 80m & up)


Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 8 × 10 in


  1. Admin – IT Department

    “The FLAG has proved itself at this QTH. It is working extremely well….
    I hear very well with the pre-amp!! Congratulations are in order………”
    -John, W4NU

  2. Admin – IT Department

    “Hello, this is Wal, W8LRL. I have been a ham since 1958, and on 160 since 1972. Over the years, I have tried many types of receive antennas to hear just a little better. Eventually, I settled on beverages, phased beverages, and a 8 circle short vertical array. Two years ago, I heard about Top-Beam, and visited N4IS and learned much about this new horizontal RX antenna. In May 2016 I ordered a WF-300 and in June 2016 construction of a 200 foot tower to mount this antenna began. The hardest part was getting the guy wires through several 130 foot poplar trees. In December 2016 we stopped to visit N4IS, and brought the new antenna home in our car. In January, the antenna was assembled and placed in the yard at 5 feet pointing towards Europe. At this low height, the signals on 160 were 2 to 3 S units below my other antennas, but they were at a workable level. On 80, 40, and 30 it was impressive, even at this low height. Due to cold wx and winds it was hard for me to climb the tower, but on March 25 the antenna was up 200 feet and working well.
    At sun set I was hearing S21ZEE on 80 meters coming from 90 deg. on the Top-Beam. They went to 160 and peaked at their sun rise on their last day, and I was able to work S21ZEE for # 343 on Top Band, thanks to N4IS and his WF-300. Over the past two months this antenna receives equal or better than my other RX antennas on 160, and better by far than my beverages on 80, 40, and 30. The best thing about this antenna, is that it will make it possible for the ham with a small qth to enjoy low band dxing! Good Luck and DX to all on 160!”
    -73’s Wal, W8LRL

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